Titration, How Do We Know How Much To Take?

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How much of a product should you take?  That is an important question, and the answer is that it differs with every product.  But there are some simple rules to follow to find you ‘sweet spot’, the amount that’s right for you.  The titration chart link below is a good guide.

Also, if you want to try a new product, first find out how much of your current product you are taking, cut that mg amount in half and take that amount of the new product.  Take a look at our video for directions:  How Much CBD Are We Taking?  Then work your way up to find your ‘sweet spot’ with the new product.

Additionally we recommend you do this whenever you receive a new bottle of product.  Each batch from the manufacturer can be slightly different because we are dealing with a natural plant and products are made in small batches.

Here is a printable form for how to take the products

OIL Suggestions

Water Soluble Suggestions

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