Sleep Gummies ZZZ

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We are testing a new product for relaxation.  These gummies are NOT for daytime use. They come in 2 types, and 2 size containers.  They are very relaxing.

Here are some comments to date from customers….


“Each worm is 2 flavors per worm and help get to sleep and stay asleep.” 

“The yellow and orange bears are good for mild sleep issues to help get to sleep.  The other colors seem to be stronger for those nights when you need more help.”

“The ribbons are the strongest and are easy to adjust the amount you take.  Take a bit more or less depending upon how you feel.”


We appreciate your feedback on this new item.  Please email us and let us know what you think!



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These gummies come in 3 types…. worms, bears and ribbons.  This is a new product and at this time we have limited quantities as we test them.



3 reviews for Sleep Gummies ZZZ

  1. Patty

    I love the gummiezzz worms, they help me sleep and keep me asleep.

    • admin

      Our staff also loves our gummieZZZ…. its great to get a good nights sleep! Glad you are enjoying them too!….Kellie

  2. Elaine Keown

    While visiting my son in Texas I bought the gummy worms. I take a half about an hour before bed then the other half when I go to bed. I fall right to sleep and stay asleep. I will be ordering more soon.
    Thanks to you knowledgeable team!

    • admin

      Elaine, The sleep gummieZZZ really are good for exactly how you are using them…. to go to sleep and to stay asleep. And they taste good too. Hope you enjoyed your trip to TX!… Kellie

  3. Carlos Q

    Gummie worms are great! I need to try the ribbons next

    • Ed Mahoney

      Hey Carlos! That’s great! We’ll see you on your next visit! Be sure to try the Endowater as well. Good stuff as well!

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