CBD Hemp Candy


CBD Candy… what’s not to love!  These candy treats are a selection of the best we’ve found.

-100mg, 10 Pack of Taffy, 10mg each tastes like old fashioned taffy. It is relaxing and calming.

-40mg, 4 pack of Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate, 10mg each is a yummy smooth creamy chocolate square perfect for an after dinner treat

-25mg, Unwind Mint Chocolate Round. These are made from Raw Organic chocolate and taste like hemp/mint and help you unwind at the end of your day.

-15mg, Chocolate Bar. These taste like hemp and are made from Raw Organic cacao.

-50mg Superfoods Chocolate Bar.  This bar tastes like hemp and is packed with Raw cacao, black cumin seed, ashwagandha, tumeric, holy basil and pepper.

-Bag Hard Candy. These candies taste like old fashioned honey candy.  They help with focus and calm.  Each bag has aproximately 100mg CBD and comes in tasty flavors.

-50mg Peanut Brittle. This crunchy nutty candy will bring back childhood memories.




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