Oil and cream based products applied topically for pain and severe localized inflammation.

cbd cream
Pain Cream 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

A strong, fast acting pain cream. This product has a dermal driver that drives the CBD deep through the skin to where its needed most.  Only a small amount is needed.  It melts into the skin and spreads for deep pain relief. Use as needed, layering each application 10-15 min apart for best results.


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Pain Serum Oil
Pain Serum Oil
Pain Serum Oil

A penetrating topical serum used to target pain.  Use dropper to drop on areas of pain to penetrate to the source. Allow to dry for 15 minutes or more.  Use sparingly, as needed.

The rollerball is great for targeted application such as the hands. The oil droppers are good for large areas.  We suggest applying a small amount and waiting 15minutes.  Then applying more if needed.  It works very quickly and is very concentrated.

If you would like the same formula in a cream, try our Pain Cream 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg


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