Meet Ed Mahoney and Kellie Kauten, Co-Owners of Artistic Organics.

Artistic Organics is a locally owned and operated Frisco Texas CBD Wellness company that specializes in hemp-derived products. We match our CBD product line with symptomology and lifestyle to create a specialized plan to help our clients find relief with their conditions such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, auto-immune conditions, hormone issues and overall assistance with balancing the body. We are well known for our in-depth level of knowledge of CBD and other cannabinoids that far exceeds the basic knowledge that you find in larger chain stores. We host relaxed monthly classes that go into the history, benefits, myths, and legality of CBD to help our consumers fully understand what to expect and not expect from CBD products.

Artistic Organics is extremely particular in the brands and strains we carry. We have a very stringent 12 point criteria platform that we conduct when considering carrying a product line. We have both researched well over 150 CBD products and product lines over the past two years with less than 5% making it to our shelves. We value a quality product with an extensive cannabinoid and terpene profile far above simply having things to show in our store.

All of our staff at Artistic Organics go through a certification program designed to offer the most in-depth education on CBD and the cannabis plant so that they can have a knowledgeable discussion with our clients about their symptomology and which products will fit their lifestyle.

Ed Mahoney and Kellie Kauten